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In development: Season 11

It runs from October to December 2022. Circles are continually being added. Register below to get the calendar delivered to you every three months. You’ll get a welcome email instantly — if you don’t receive it, check your spam folder to mark our newsletter as a non-spam email!

Joining an Assyrian Circle brings you closer to our language (for free) through conversation.

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Khalaqyateh Ashurayeh

Shlama & shlomo,

The Western Assyrian dialect Beginner’s Guide is in development — get notified when it’s ready by visiting the link above.

We are a global Assyrian community speaking all of our beautiful dialects together digitally. We focus on learning and preserving our language while enriching our souls through meaningful conversations.

Model wearing Assyria Around the World, 2018 (c) design by Diana Atureta. Assyria written in 22 languages & scripts.

Be part of Assyrian language revival. Each time one of us decides to learn or speak the language, we strengthen our entire community.

The community says…

Nasheh d’knushtan marena…

Ramsin from San Diego, California

“Aha eeleh kha mindee raba aninqaya qa umtan w’chebo ul Khalaqyateh Ashurayeh il maloopeh w’khamooyeh lishanan.”

Rommel from Vancouver, British Columbia

“Living in a city with few Assyrians, the sessions I attended made me feel at home again.”

Judith from Monterey, California

“It’s low pressure. No matter how much you know or don’t know, everyone makes you feel welcome.”

Walita from Chicago, Illinois

“Goo kut j’meta, lipten khabraneh khateh. O kha mindee kheena sodana bot Khalaqyateh Atourayeh eleh tpaqta b’Atourayeh kheeneh goo atrawateh d’dunyeh. Akhnan letlan Atra et ganan bas be daha orkha b’jmayekh moodaleh o har b’eh dana bilyapekh lishanan khilya.”

Aessin from Detroit, Michigan

“I’ve always been very interested in learning other dialects that Assyrians speak, and this is a great way to do it. It’s encouraging to see how much passion there is for our language among this generation.”

Meriam from Windsor, Ontario

“Learning a language can be painful but the social aspect of this group really brings excitement into it. I’ve met Assyrians around the globe. I have been striving to improve my language but struggling, and as someone whose Sureth is broken, I am very grateful to have found this community.”

Instagram Updates…

A global Assyrian language community created by Diana Atureta in April 2020. Based in Toronto, Canada.