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// Surgada d’awdooyateh

We have a few different types of circle types. Select the one that interests you (whether its for a dialect you already know, or want to learn) and register through the eventbrite tool to save your virtual seat. Looking forward to meeting you soon!

As we get closer to the end of each Season (aqma), you will see a lot of events have ended. Not to worry, a new Season begins every three months — we’ll start Season 7 in October 2021 with a fresh calendar — subscribe on our homepage if you’d like the new calendar delivered to your inbox.

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Eastern Dialect

(La’za Madinkhaya — Modern Standard Assyrian // Lishana Daraya Mkhaida)

Sign up on the Eastern Dialect Circles Eventbrite page.

Circle Leads, Key Dates, and the Topics:

  1. Sunday July 25th — THIS EVENT HAS ENDED.
    • (LIVE from Atra, and the experiences we have with Assyria regardless of whether we’ve physically been there)
  2. Sunday August 22nd
    • (Nusardil and other traditions)
  3. Sunday September 19th
    • (Seasons, transitions and changes)
  1. Sunday August 1st at 1pm ET — THIS EVENT HAS ENDED.
    • (Family history & our roots, and commemorating 7 b’tabakh — Simele massacre on Aug 7, 1933)
  2. Friday September 17th at 8-9pm ET
    • (Would your childhood self be proud of you? What were you like as a child?)

Western Dialect (La’zo ma’irboyo)

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Guests & Collaborations

Special Guest: Rabi Robert Dekelaita (led by Diana Atureta)


Sign up on the Assyrian Circles Special Guest Event with Rabi Robert Dekelaita on the Eventbrite page.

Sat July 24th @ 1-2pm ET (Toronto time).

Poetry Circle (led by Vana Samuel & Diana Atureta)

Sign up on the Assyrian Poetry Circle Eventbrite page.

Sun September 12th @ 1-2pm ET (Toronto time).

Community Event Debriefs & Dialogue

Women’s Meet Up (TBA – will be updated)

(Discuss your experiences, thoughts, and ideas while connecting with other Assyrian women)

Resources // Mabboo’eh

Now launched. Download the Beginners’ Guide and find a full page of Assyrian language resources included.

If you have recommendations for what our list should include, please email

The Assyrian Circles Beginner’s Guide helps you easily participate in Assyrian Circles events as well as everyday Assyrian conversations.

Created in the Eastern dialect in July 2021. We aim to create one in the Western dialect soon.

If you’d like to help us make improvements or help us build the Western resource, please email at

Download by clicking here to access the beginners guide to Assyrian conversations in Eastern Assyrian.

Let’s make Shlama the first word we say to other Assyrians, rather than hi.

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