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How Circles Work

A space for all dialects. All fluency levels welcome.

How it works

Sign up for a circle

Check out our calendar and pick the topics you like. Aim to join once a month. Join our Facebook group community: this is where you can be matched with a mentor or offer to be a mentor in a dialect you know. We also share important resources from brilliant Assyrians producing content.

Prior to joining us

Do your best to prepare some thoughts on the monthly discussion question or topic — some circles will have questions emailed to you ahead of time. You’ll be emailed and/or added to an Instagram chat group with the meeting link. Join on-time at the start time (if you’ll be a little late, notify Assyrian Circles). Still have questions? Read more details about our circles.

The circle meet up

One hour discussion facilitated by the Circle Lead. House rules are shared, and 2 minute bios around the room to introduce ourselves. We talk through our monthly topics. Express yourself as much as possible in Assyrian first, fill in any gaps with English, and then translate fully to English to help us all learn. If you don’t know it in Assyrian, say it in English and we’ll help you translate.

Wrap up

Translated words from our conversation will be typed in the chat notes, and shared in a doc after the meet up on our Facebook. For any outstanding words, we’ll house them in our word tracker and language experts will help us translate them. Lastly, sign up for another session! And share improvement feedback with Assyrian Circles.

Types of Circles


All dialects are welcome and most of our circles will use all dialects. Starting in Season 3, we’ve launched circles that focus on using just one dialect. These will include: Western / Ma’irboyo, Deshta (Alqoshi, Tel Kepe), Urmi, Tyari, Swadaya / Lishana Daraya Mkhaida (Modern Standard Assyrian), etc. These circles will discuss open ended questions, so feel free to bring ideas too!

Guests & collaborations

Partnering with interesting guests who bring a unique perspective, the goal of these meet ups is to expand our knowledge while getting curious in Assyrian. Using all dialects.

Community event debriefs

Have you ever joined a great session hosted by Assyrian Policy Institute or Assyrian Studies Association (among others) and wondered what attendees’ thoughts and ideas were? We’re hosting these circles as a post-event discussion to debrief on the great content produced by community leaders. Using all dialects.

Publicly streamed circles

Coming soon. Join a circle through a live stream. Using all dialects.

What They’re Saying…

I had so much fun and I feel like there’s a connection between all of us. Diana created a nice balance of allowing us to talk and learn about each other while ensuring we learned Assyrian along the way.

Leana from Chicago, Illinois

I only knew a few words in Assyrian when I joined but eventually I could introduce myself and join as a speaking participant for my last discussion, thanks to all the resources and the translation people provided during the discussions. I’m happy that I met other Assyrians motivated to learn the language too and learn about other dialects.

Nour from Montreal, Canada

Let’s make our endangered language a thriving one instead. 

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